Custom Lipstick Boxes

Custom Lipstick Boxes

Lipstick is an essential makeup product that is available in many colours. There are various kinds of lipsticks as well such as matte, nude, etc. Because this product is one that is popular many brands manufacture it. These businesses try and attract customers to their merchandise. It is tough to compete with major established brands like Revlon, MAC, and others. But it is not impossible.  The brand will have to create good quality lipstick for unique and wonderful colours. Apart from this, they need to focus on their custom lipstick boxes packaging. These are what is first seen of the product and what attracts customers towards it.

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Why is custom lipstick boxes packaging UK important?

Lipstick boxes are a vital part of the product because of the following reasons:

  • Keep the sensitive item safe from harm and external influence
  • Allow it to remain in one shape
  • Transportation can occur
  • Market the business
  • Allow more sales to occur

Lipstick is a pretty item and should be packaged beautifully making it look more wonderful. If you want your custom lipstick boxes to fulfil these purposes then you need to focus on the following points:

Should be beautiful

According to what the product is, its packaging gets created. Lipstick is something that makes one look beautiful and so the custom printed lipstick boxes should fulfil this purpose. Begin by researching your potential customer base so that you can know who your customers are. Also know where the merchandise will be sold, i.e. a brick and mortar store or/and online.

If you know these things you can create packaging suited to it. You want people to be drawn towards your item and this can be done by making something that they like. Usually, lipstick can be for young girls, teenagers, adults, retiree ladies. You will make the packaging according to their taste.

For instance, the custom printed lipstick boxes for young girls will be colourful and have cartoon images. The one for teenagers can be funky with patterns like this. Adults are drawn towards chic and elegant packaging. Retirees will also like something soft and subtle. The same case is present when choosing what colour lipstick to get.

Show the lipstick

When buying lipstick, the customer will want to see the colour before getting the product. People do not buy it if they do not know what colour it is. Usually, a tester product is present but if this is not the case you do not want to lose a customer only because they did not know what colour they are buying.

Lipstick boxes wholesale can be made having a transparent window that lets customers see the product and what colour it is. Amazing ideas are able to be printed on the box which connects with the product.

The wholesale lipstick boxes can have the colour of the lipstick printed on the box. For instance, a lady’s mouth can be made by putting on lipstick. Consumers must know the shade and colour of the lipstick or else they will not buy it.

Tell customers about the lipstick

Another important part of wholesale lipstick boxes includes the details that you give on the box. You have to let consumers know what colour it is, the composition, quantity, how many are present inside, the expiry date, etc.

You need to only include the required information on the custom lipstick packaging boxes or else the boxes look untidy and hectic. You can even tell the country of production and contact details. These will let customers contact you when required.

Having a company logo on the custom lipstick packaging boxes is essential. It helps people recognize the brand and its items when they want to buy again from them.

Lipstick friendly material

The custom lipstick boxes that you get must be suited to the product. They should not cause it to melt and get damaged in any way. Lipstick needs to stay in its shape and the container has to be kept secure. The material that can do this will have to be sturdy.

You can choose cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and Kraft for this. These will keep the sensitive lipstick safe from harm. The material will not damage the item.

These materials are all environmentally friendly as well. They are made to be sustainable and keep the environment safe from pollution. The packaging does cause much waste when done carelessly. Those brands which focus on reducing this will attract consumers towards the product. Some people buy the product due to its “green” packaging. The business can market the lipstick in this way as well.

Size of the packaging

The lipstick packaging boxes must be the correct size so that transportation costs can be reduced. The packaging costs will be less as well. Lipstick packaging boxes that are the right size will keep the item safe also.

Lipstick packaging wholesale which is of proper size can be easily stored on a store shelf. Businesses like to keep these boxes rather than huge ones. Lipstick packaging UK that is of the correct size can even be kept on a dressing table.

Should be easy to use

Lipstick packaging wholesale must be functional and easy to use. Sometimes people keep the lipstick in the boxes till it ends therefore it must be strong. Lipstick packaging UK that is easy to open, close, store, is liked.

New and established brands need to focus on their lipstick boxes in the UK so that they stand out and draw consumers towards the item. Only when people notice the product will they want to buy it. Lipstick boxes the UK made to protect the product, market it, etc. is the one that will attract people. The above points can be kept in mind when focusing on the packaging part of your item. A business must place importance on this aspect if they want to increase sales and get their brand to be known. Invest in good packaging so that you can get excellent returns.

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