Custom Pizza Boxes Wholesale

Custom Pizza Boxes Wholesale

Most people love eating pizza. There are many flavours to choose from to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Similarly, there are a lot of brands that produce this product. Especially a new one will want to become established and be known in the competitive market. It can do this by focusing on making details and good quality pizza. Apart from this, the business can concentrate on its custom pizza boxes.

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The reason for this is that pizza boxes can be designed exquisitely and draw the eyes of consumers towards the brand. Read on to learn more.

Whys are custom pizza boxes important?

Custom pizza boxes are important because of the following points:

  • Keep the pizza in a safe and perfect environment
  • Allow it to be carried, transported, stored
  • Protect it from any external influence
  • Market it so that customers increase

So, if you want your custom pizza boxes to stand out then you can consider the below points:

Tell customers what they are buying

Consumers will more likely buy those products that give details on the pizza boxes in the UK about what the product is. However, not too much must be added that the packaging looks untidy and hectic.

On the pizza boxes in the UK, it is necessary to state what the ingredients are. This is vital for food products so that people can make sure they are not allergic to anything. Due to the fact that many flavours are available, you should tell what flavour is present. This is something that everyone wants to know before buying the product.

The expiry and manufacturing date should be given. If it is Halal or Kosher, these details must be present so that Muslims and Jews can know whether they can consume the product. This only helps them in deciding whether to buy it or not.

Brand information

On the custom printed pizza boxes, you need to let people know about the brand. It can help them contact you if they want to buy from you again or notice your products.

For this, you have to have a company logo. It is the logo that will help them know about you. Have a look at the popular brand logos. You will see that they are short and memorable. Their font is also a readable one.

Apart from this state the address and contact numbers as well clearly on the custom printed pizza boxes.

Choose the material

The material of the pizza boxes wholesale has to be sturdy and food safe. It must be able to create the perfect environment for the pizza to remain fresh. It should have a good shelf life. You have to know which materials are the best for keeping the food safe and will not impact them in any way. It must be grease resistant.

Pizza boxes wholesale made from cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft is good options. These are safe materials and recyclable also. They are strong and will not break. The pizza will remain secure. If the box breaks and all the product falls out, it will result in the product getting harmed. It will get wasted.

Therefore, the material is important when it comes to getting the best pizza boxes for sale.

Consider the pizza size

Different size pizzas can be gotten. It does not look good if it is put in a box too large or one too small. The box has to be the correct size. You can get pizza boxes 12 inches and others. You have to get these which will keep the food safely without it moving much or getting squashed. When this happens, the pizza looks bad.

Pizza boxes 12 inches will be the one for this size. It will also help customers know the size of what size they are getting.


Often the plain pizza boxes are shaped like a square. The pizza inside is circular. If the pizza is of a unique shape, the plain pizza boxes can be this way as well. They will look amazing and draw the eyes of people. It will be something different for them. The taste can also be an exotic one.

Designing phase

The designing of the personalized pizza boxes must be such that it attracts its customers. It depends on who you are catering to. The colours, designs, images, graphics matter much when it comes to personalized pizza boxes.

This is because it is what can make them prominent. If the pizza boxes wholesale are mainly catering to teenagers, you can get funky prints with colours like black. If they are for kids then bright is better.

Pizza boxes wholesale can have minimalist designs by using single colours and patterns. Nowadays detailed artwork also looks good. Imagine getting pizza in pizza boxes for sale that is designed artistically. They will look wonderful.

Functional aspect

Pizza packaging must be functional and easy to use. They should be easy to hold without feeling too hot. The boxes must be simple to transport and store as well. Apart from this, the pizza packaging should be easy to open also. Customers will find it annoying if you have sealed the white pizza boxes, etc. in such a way that it cannot even open.

When it comes to custom pizza packaging you have to keep the customers ease in mind. For instance, a grease resistant sheet should be placed so that the grease does not make the product stick to the custom pizza packaging box.

Therefore, when choosing the packaging of your product like white pizza boxes, etc. you need to spend time focusing on creating the best so that they stand out and are prominent. The above points should be kept in mind when choosing your packaging. Be sure to spend time and research on what the competition is doing so that you can create the best. Be unique allowing you to make customers want to try out your product, such as by choosing a unique shape.

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