Custom birthday gift boxes

Custom birthday gift boxes

Custom Birthday Gift Boxes: Birthdays are important events in everyone’s life. It is the day that we came into this world. These are usually celebrated. Gifts are given which should be put into the custom birthday gift boxes. If the gift is not put into wonderful birthday gift boxes, the present loses its attraction as well. Therefore, you need to focus on making this wonderful.

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Importance of custom birthday gift boxes

Custom birthday gift boxes have some uses which are given below:

  • Package the precious gift in
  • Keep the present safe from any harm
  • Allows it to be easy to carry and hold
  • Makes the item inside look more wonderful
  • Provides a surprise element

Now that you know the importance of custom birthday gift boxes, read on to find out how to get the best ones.

Invest in good material

It is a good idea to invest in the best material for the happy birthday gift boxes. The reason for this is that it should remain in one shape until it reaches the person. If the box breaks or gets damaged, it does not give a good impression. The present inside can even get damaged due to this.

Therefore, you will have wasted money on the happy birthday gift boxes made from useless and weak material. The best material to choose is cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and Kraft. These are all strong and will keep the box safe and secure.

These are even recyclable materials. They can be reused. The person you are giving the birthday party gift boxes will be able to reuse them to store things in. They will be pleased that the packaging is not harming the environment as well.

What size is the best

You have to get the best size birthday party gift boxes because if it is too big, it will not look nice. Apart from this, you will have wasted money on the extra material. If the birthday gift boxes the UK are being shipped somewhere there will be more shipping costs as well.

Large birthday gift boxes UK can lead to whatever is inside, moving. It can become damaged in this way. If it is too small harm can also occur. This is why you have to be sure that the birthday gift boxes in the UK are a perfect size. However, if the present is a huge dollhouse for instance, then large birthday gift boxes the UK will be the best.

If there is a sensitive product remember to put in filler material so that it does not break. This can include something made of glass for instance.

The shape of the box

The shape of the gift boxes for a birthday can be unique. It can be shaped like the product inside. You do not have to get the common rectangular or cube-shaped box. A different one will stand out from the others placed by it. The receiver may select this one to open first.

Gift boxes for a birthday that are a unique shape must have a shape that will not damage what is within.

Designing the gift box

This is the exciting part of the custom printed birthday gift boxes. There are many creative things that you can do so that it looks wonderful. You can take advantage of the advanced printing methods. Because boxes are rigid as well as flat, there are many printing choices present.

It depends on who the receiver is, according to this the designing will occur. If you are giving the custom printed birthday gift boxes to kids then choose bright colours and fun images. This is because they will like these. You can include pictures of popular cartoon characters as well to make it look more amazing.

If the present is for an adult then it is better to opt for something decent. Jewellery for your loved one can have soft colours that are decent.

You should connect the colours and patterns. If you are using recyclable material you can consider minimalism. This will look amazing. You can leave the box with its brown colour but add patterns that make it stand out.

Accessories can be added to the box so that it looks even more outstanding. Ribbons, bows, flowers, are some examples here. These may be included attractively.


Some people like to add some text to the custom birthday gift packaging. It may be some witty and funny lines according to the character of the person who the present is being given to.

You may want to add some writing on the birthday gift card boxes. The boxes for the card are also important as they will keep them safe. The birthday gift card boxes will include the name of the person who the present is being given to. You can add your name as well.

Whatever text you want to add, it should be readable. The colour must not be such that it mixes with the background. If you decide to write by hand then remember to make it easy to read. Those who are printing out the text on the custom birthday gift packaging must choose a readable font. It can be a fun and casual or formal one. It again depends on who the receiver is.

Easy to open

Another point to keep in mind which some people may ignore is to not make the birthday gift packaging boxes tough to open. This will cause frustration. It can even lead to the present getting damaged. Therefore, do not use too much tape, etc. on the birthday gift boxes wholesale.

Some may want to keep the box and so no harm must occur to it in any way.

Next time you get birthday gift packaging boxes remembers the above points so that you can create something amazing that your loved one will adore. Birthday gift boxes wholesale may be able to be gotten at a reasonable price. Get the ones with the best material and enjoy printing wonderfully on them.

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